August 13, 2007

First fever

On the way home from Ann Arbor, we realized that Elliot had a fever. His wee head was all warm, and he was hoarse and sad and weepy, and also coughing (hard enough to puke up his lunch at one point). He was in sort of a pitiful state. So we got him home, washed him off, and put him to bed, feeling glum about him and sorry for ourselves a bit, too.

But sleep has fixed all things.



sarah said...

take note that since this fever occured "on the way" home, all the nasty sad sweaty puking occured in the car, in general, and on me, in particular. Poor sweet boy. He was actually so sweet and grown up about the puking: he puked, and (I swear) wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. and then he sighed and curled up in my lap, while I sat there in a puddle of puked-up "Beef and vegetable pilaf."

what's grand and tragic about parenting is that he was so snuggly about it that I actually found the moment more sweet than disgusting.

Beck said...

Poor Elliot! I hope he's feeling better.

Kelli said...

Now that college football season is starting soon, it makes perfect sense that Elliot would feel miserable after a trip to Ann Arbor. He must be a Buckeye through and through!