March 07, 2007

What I'm doing now that football season is over

Well, I mean, I'm doing lots of things: when you are left home alone with a baby for two weeks, you do lots of things. One fairly legitimate thing I've been doing lately is reading a ton of history stuff, and I am learning so much: did you know that in 1824 the newly-formed state of Illinois almost voted to legalize slavery? Right here in the land of Lincoln, people. It is shocking, and very interesting.

But, okay, so I'm reading a lot, and changing lots of diapers, and enjoying the ever-changing plum, and etc. However, none of these things replace football as a teevee-watching time suck. What I am now doing is watching a lot of: American Idol.

I am so not proud of this.

Last night I actually had a dream in which all the cast members of Gray's Anatomy were the contestants on American Idol, and Meredith was wearing a horrible sweater and Simon was mean to her. Can you believe this? Brandon says, dubiously, "maybe you are just really interested in judgement." Like it's just some weird perversion of my otherwise-useful critical faculty. And yeah, I guess I am interested in judgement, but mostly I'm just interested in gossip. Oy.

I like all the girls except for the obvious loosers, and find myself vascillating between Chris and Blake as a preferred boy. If Sanjaya doesn't get voted off finally this week, I will be truly a little bothered.

Anyway, in other news, our small boy turned six months old today! He is now one-half. And so amazing. We took a bunch of photos to commemorate the occasion, and will provide a full update tomorrow after his check-up.


MAC said...

I am there too...your sister in shame for love of trash. But it is love. Yes, it is that.

w said...

We salute you, as fellow Grey's fanatics. And E, happy 1/2 from G, now 1/3.

Roxanne said...

ok, maybe we should start a support group.. I too watch a ridiculous amount of American Idol. There is no excuse... but I love Chris and Blake (I secretly want to beat box). I feel ashamed... but not enough to stop watching :) Happy viewing! Sanjaya sux!