March 14, 2007

In which the lyrics to 60s/70s soul music continues to express our state of mind

This morning we were dancing around the kitchen to Diana Ross (why were we listening to Diana Ross? Michelle and Roxanne know!) and I had another moment of the lyrical uncanny: "Upside down/ Boy, you turn me/Inside out/And round and round/ ...As long as the sun continues to shine /Theres a place in my heart for you /That's the bottomline!" I dunno, folks: somehow, the frantic perkiness of it all really expresses the zaniness of new parenthood.

(We ignored the line about how "i'm aware that you're cheating" because, whatever.)

Anyway, it was awesome and Elliot was all into it. We have a baby book that claims that "babies prefer classical music,"* but our boy, I'm happy to say, likes to dance.

On a totally different note: everyone send good thoughts to my friend Katy who's bebe is due TODAY. Katy, we love you and your baby! We are thinking of you! You are going to be a rockstar mama!


*The whole baby "prefers classical music" thing totally offends me. Not that I have anything against classical music, but it's sort of like saying "babies prefer to be upper middle class and of european descent." Plus, like, what do they mean? It's not like Elliot is going to find Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" any less jarring than Ludacris' "Roll Out."


MAC said...

Yes and Yes. All I can say is buh-bye to Broadway Dorothy. We sooo won't miss you.

Personally, if we are talking chill, Miss G. far prefers a little Iron and Wine to JSB's Brandenberg Concertos...not that there's anything wrong with The Man. And babies must assuredly do a little booty shakin' to truly BECOME. *sigh* Experts and their silly notions.

w said...

This is totally off the record, but Graham adores pop music, especially Justin Timberlake and Fergie. "Fergilicious" puts him to sleep every time. I play Handel for him, but it just makes him squirm. Our middle ground? Gershwin. "I Got Rhythm" makes an awesome lullaby.

Kati P. said...

Maybe Elliot would prefer classical music with a dose of politics. My boss, Mr. Giannoulias, is having a coffee and dessert reception Monday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at the Thompson Center to celebrate Women's History Month. Music by a Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras quartet. To recap: Dessert. Classical tunes. Awesome women. You should be there.