March 02, 2007

Thank-You Cam

Brandon is coming home today! And it seems like, unlike his trip to Bangalore, which included an accidental side trip to Singapore (for real; United sent him to Singapore. why? because United likes to say, Why not? Why not make an extra little trip to a whole different part of the sub-continent?), Brandon is actually making a more or less direct trip home. So unless O'Hare screws something up, which it very well might...he'll be home within a few hours.

Which is a huge relief, of course. But I find myself actually doing much better than I expected to be doing by this point: I'm excited to see Brandon, but I am actually doing okay. And what has made me feel okay, I realize, is an absolutely overwhelming in flux of nice people. Truly, I am just a little blown away by how good everyone has been to me. People have come out of the woodwork to make me dinner, hang out with Elliot, walk the dog, hang out with me, discuss the nuances of bad grey's anatomy episodes: people have made so many offers to do nice things that I have actually had to turn some of them down.

As Hillary would say, it takes a village. I am incredibly incredibly grateful that I have one.

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roxanne said...

So glad Brandon is home! Sarah, so sorry it did not work out for us to have you over- Offer still stands to have all of you over- anytime! Your blog is so fun and I LOVE Brandon's pics from India- the colors are amazing! love, rox