March 09, 2007

Before and Now

When we first took Elliot to the pediatrician, when he was a very tiny five days old, we had to wait for him to be weighed. He was in line behind A HUGE CHILD. HUGE! This child was six months old, and we shockedly referred to him for months as "that monster six month old"--neither one of us could believe that that tremendous creature could have any thing to do with our little baby. Elliot, despite his tinyness, seemed so reasonable to us. So right sized. Why would anyone have a baby that was so crazy and huge?*

Elliot is still a little guy (we often refer to him as "our nice little guy"), only in the 25%ile of weight for his age. But he is indeed a lively six month old, a completely different creature than himself as a newborn.

As evidence, here is his first scale photo, at about half an hour old:

And here is a photo of him on Thursday.

He is very sweet for a monster.

*I was just reading on my friend Roxanne's blog (see sidebar) that she had very much the same response to seeing their first post-baby six-month old. I guess there's something about the comparative scale of infants that you can't really understand until you understand.


Roxanne said...

so funny... i think all parents must think other babies are big compared to their sweet lil newborns. Also, I used to think when parents wiped their kids noses "EW, get a tissue" andtoday I used my sleeve, I suppose that makes me "one of them" -scary!
You have to teach me how to link your and Michele's page from mine!! :)

Henrie Family said...

Wait until you have another one, and you bring a new born home. It makes your toddler seem like a giant!