February 01, 2007

Your Sound Alternative

So, Elliot likes to make noises. He discovers a new one every few days, and makes it...all the time. Constantly. Until he discovers something new, and moves on. It's really charming, except for the two days when he discovered how to make this weird and horrible death monkey noise, but we're over that now.

Anyway, over New Year's Elliot learned how to blow raspberries; we've mentioned this before. But then he stopped making them entirely, until today when he discovered how to blow a newer, wetter version. Here's a little video of him incorporating the raspberries into his normal "one-man band" bouncy chair routine.

Note: it's hard to believe, but Elliot is doing all the raspberry noises here, even when it sounds like there are two noises happening at once. He's making both sounds with his mouth, like one of those Tuvan throat singers who can harmonize with themselves.

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