February 24, 2007

Today's Sad

Our good friend Matt is moving to London today. This is great for him, and it's exciting for us to have a friend to visit in London, but we are so sorry to see him go.


One thing about having a son is that you start to value, even more than usual, the presence of good men in your life. And Matt is just great. He's principled, and purposeful, and kind. And he is such a friend to Elliot. I'm sad for myself that Matt's going, but mostly I'm sad the Elliot won't get to hang out with Matt as much. Who else will teach him to be so cool in such a relaxed way? Who else will hold him during the superbowl? Who else will bring him little finger puppets made out of recyled fabric fibers? Who?

Anyway, Matt: we send you all our best! Much love from us all.

Elliot says goodbye


matt said...

i'll miss you, too, but i'll see you in may!

Camera Crazy said...

You have brought me to tears with your kind words about my son, Matt. Although I have four sons, a mother's first born is different. You learn a little bit about being a mother with the first, and hopefully you improve with practice. No matter how old your children become, a mother always is pleased with affirmation that they have some how done a decent job in bringing a tiny infant into the world, and doing what they can to mold them into a loveable person. Thank you for loving my boy.

Amy E said...

Matt, you always look so cute in these photographs, and kind. I am glad you have been a good friend to B+S+E. Best luck in the UK!

CSC said...

OK, first your post about Matt kind of made me tear up. Then Matt's mom's comment DEFINITELY made me tear up. Now I'm sitting here all torn up (play on words most definitely intended). I can't wait to see the M+E reunion in May!