February 15, 2007

Some Landmarks

Just real quick, cuz it's late:

In the last week, Elliot has:

*Outgrown the blue sleepsack that Steffie gave him and and which he's worn almost every night of his life, since he outgrew the yellow sleepsack that Steffie gave him. (Thanks, Steffie!!!)

*Started to sleep in his own room

*Started to use cloth diapers, sometimes, when we feel up to it. Though these are swanky chic cloth diapers (they're called Fuzzibunz) and they are not really very much extra work. But sort of they tire me out, just conceptually.

*Discovered Ada! This is huge, people. I mean, Elliot had been vaguely aware previously that some big fuzzy thing would come around periodically and lick his face, but last Saturday was the first time that Elliot discovered that Ada is AWESOME. He just watched her and laughed, and it was so wonderful. I love them both, my sweet creatures.

*Eaten some rice cereal, with banana mashed in (which I tasted and which tastes pretty good, like banan bread)

*Eaten some pureed peas (which I didn't taste, because they looked so nasty. Elliot really liked them, though.)

Each one of these things could probably be it's own post, but we're getting a little behind on things, so I wanted to put it out there. Also, Brandon just left today to go to India (where? oh, INDIA) for a whopping TWO WHOLE WEEKS and I am not sure what single parenthood is going to do for my blogging. So if we seem a little MIA, we are just here by ourselves, trying to get enough sleep and clean the pea puree off the counter.

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matt said...

I read that India comment on the evite, but I didn't know whether to believe it or not. How sad I won't be seeing B again until May! But, Sarah, I hope you can stop by Brenna's on Saturday night, if only early and if only for a little while. Otherwise, let's make a date to hang out some time next week. Well, heck, let's do that either way. Email me!