September 05, 2006

Place your bets

So, last weekend I was most excellently feted by all my Chicago girlfriends, who showered me with delicious foods and books and good wishes and all sorts of things. I cannot say enough how perfect the whole day was. One of its happy side effects was that Ms Kati Phillips took it upon herself to coordinate a birth-day "pool"--because what's a shower good for, if it's not a little gambling? Gambling goes great with quiche and cupcakes.

For posterity, I place the ladeez' bets here:

Sept. 4, 1 a.m., Girl -- Kate
Sept. 5, 2:37 a.m., Girl -- Kara
Sept. 8, 5:44 a.m., Boy -- Cassandra
Sept. 8, 9:31 a.m., Boy -- Liz
Sept. 8, 2:30 p.m., Girl -- Deana
Sept. 9, 3 a.m., Girl -- Sarah B.
Sept. 9, 4 p.m., Girl -- Anna
Sept. 9, 9:09 p.m., Boy -- Katy
Sept. 12, 12 a.m., Boy -- Kati P.
Sept. 13, 12:21 p.m., Boy -- Catherine
Sept. 13, 1:13 p.m., Boy -- Kasey

After the fact, Brandon's father Peter also wanted to weigh in: He bets Sept. 10, 7:19 AM, Girl.

My basic thought is that having your own ego (and, in the case of the original betters, your hard-earned dollars) invested in an event will make you think about it more--and thus, I encourage any and all to stake a claim to a date, time and gender! Because doing so might make you think more about me! And that is what I am all about these days: being the center of attention. Being attended to makes the swollen fingers and toes soooo much easier to tolerate.



matt said...

I'm gonna pick 9 Sept, 3:01, just to spite Sarah B.

No, let's say the 10th at 5.04pm.
As for the sex, I'm thinking girl.

Emily said...

Well, Unless you are in labor now and this is a moot point, I'm gonna say you will have the baby on the 11th of September, at 10:55pm and my new Cousin will be a little girl.

Whenever she (or he) comes into the world, I can't wait to meet my new cous!


barbara mesle said...

Tonight is the FULL MOON. how about soon? I've been thinking a GIRL all along.

Love and welcome to the world, bebe, MIMI.

Barbara (Sarah's mother)

ps Emily, if possible, I'd personally prefer we avoid a September 11th birthday!

Kati P. said...

I'm mailing Cassandra the winning check for $11 on Monday. Lucky duck.

Anonymous said...

Sarah and Brandon,

We are so very happy that Elliot has arrived and all is well.

I would just like to note that I was so certain about the September 7th date that I called your parents and wished them a safe trip.

The $11 would be mine had I known about the pool. As it is, I'll have to have Bob cook me a steak on the grill.

Brandon, my guess is he looks just like you did when you were born!

Hugs from Lamoni, Iowa!