September 24, 2006

Call us!

Hey there,

We wanted to just wave our arms, real big and enthusiastic like home-schooled kids do, and say: hello! We've been bad about returning phone calls and email -- in fact, it's phone bankruptcy at this point. We're going to have to wipe the slate clean, ask the forgiveness of our creditors, and start over. We like you, we're just a little groggy, that's all. And we can't find the phone unless it rings. We're ready to talk about stuff, even non-milk-related stuff. Come on and just . . . . phone moi, as Harry sings to Sally. Or is it her answering machine?

-sem and blwh

1 comment:

Kati P. said...

I am taking Judy (aka my baby) to a Windy City K9 event Saturday. I think it is billed as a "responsible dog owner day", but I am intrigued by the prizes being offered during "musical sits." Musical chairs for dogs? I must attend! Want to make it a mommy-daughter day Sarah and bring Ada?