September 08, 2006

Elliot Jeffrey Walter Harvey


Here he is!

All photos at

Born September 7, 2006 . . . full reports to come later . . . when we wake up . . . .


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Congratulations!!! He is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to meet him! You all look fablulous. Sarah, we wish you a speedy recovery! Stef

Henrie family said...

Now the real adventure begins!

You all look happy and healthy. It is really an amazing process, and it is hard to believe that our bodies can do all of that.

Just one practical point of advice - make sure his equipment is pointing down when you put on a new diaper. It took me a while to figure out why Adian was always getting his clothes wet.

Good luck!
Tarrah, Jason, Aidan and Lira

Anonymous said...

He really is gorgeous. Thanks for posting the pics, Brandon. We can hardly wait to see him in person, so come to Lamoni as soon as possible.

Beth Higdon and John Funke

Katie said...

Wow. He is really cute. I love his name. The pic of your dad with him asleep is perfect. Keep us posted on everything!


Robert Cody said...

Wow! I think he is Beautiful...of course. Sarah and Brandon you have given him a name that he will be proud to carry. I know that Jeffrey is very proud too. I think they have spoken already! Good Life!
Great Uncle Bob