September 08, 2008

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow.

So, he is two! Our boy is two. Here he is, being too fascinated with the candles to blow them out.

I realized on Saturday--the penultimate day, the two year anniversary of me being due and going into labor and birthing our boy--that although I'd been thinking about Elliot's birthday I hadn't been thinking about it in any sort of retrospective way. I remembered that the year before, when Elliot turned one, I'd felt so reverent, so in awe of the changes the year had wrought and the fantastic insanity of bringing a baby into my life: what that had meant. This year, not so much; mostly I'd been thinking about what sort of cake he'd like to have at the party.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, I'm so busy right now--I don't have a lot of headspace to be any moment but the present. And also, Elliot is so much his own person. He is less a cypher through which to understand the ways I myself have changed--which is a good thing--and more his own zooming singing boy. He likes cake and cupcakes, and which would he prefer? Would he like chocolate? Lemon? Who, in the midst of sharing his busy life, could pause to contemplate life without him?

Still, if it's good to be in the now, it's still sweet, still valuable, to remember. And finally tonight, home alone together, I heard this song (on a "cd" my aunt sherry had given him as a birthday present; it's fantastic) and it got me there. I was surprised, frankly, because I think of this song as being so overused as to almost be a cliche.

But it wasn't cliche to Elliot; he had never heard it before. I sat there with him, listening to Louis Armstrong sing. And at that moment, it was indeed a wonderful world.


Beck said...

Happy birthday, Elliot!
One of the marvelous things about kids is that nothing is cliched for them - Mickey Mouse! Figure skating! Those chocolate marshmallow cookies from the grocery store! All good.

Jenny said...

Lovely post, Sarah. Happy bday Elliot. Laney welcomes you to the land of 2 and wonders if you'd like to help her push the button on our vacuum and then run away fast.

Sheree said...

Happy Birthday, Elliot.
It is a wonderful world [of cake]. I favor chocolate bunny cakes.

Be Like the Squirrel, Girl said...

Happy Birthday! Two? Wow. He's so amazing!