September 27, 2008


As a big believer in seasonal music, I was thrilled to see Beck's post asking for suggestions for autumnal music. You should all go stop by and see the fantastic hodge podge of suggestions--from Yo La Tengo (yay me!) to the White Stripes to Earth, Wind and Fire to a lot of interesting folky things with which I am sadly not familiar.

So anyway, yes, you should go there, but I was actually thinking about her request this morning when I heard this song, WHICH I LOVE, and it occured to me that this song captures some of what I also love about Autumn, which is that all endings are also beginnings, necessarily, even if the newness is cold and unknown.

How's that for a Very Bloggy Sentence? Okay. I'm going to stop now. The song is really good, though; you should listen to it.

PS: contrary to what my suggestions of Yo La Tengo and the Mountain Goats might suggest, I do also like music not sung by earnest and nerdy men with endearingly reedy voices. I SWEAR.


Beck said...

That's a good song too. And do you know why you're not as familiar with low-key folk stuff yet? You're still too young. By the time you're in your mid-30s, it's apparently quiet acoustic guitar and melancholy singing ALL THE TIME. Thank you, aging.

sarah said...

o ho! well, now, mz beck: I happen to know, per your blog, that you just turned 36, and while my impending 33 birthday does indeed make me younger than you, i think it puts me well within the demographic for what radio stations refer to as the "adult accoustic alternative" playlist.

your canadian folkiness, however, differs from my own. around here we mostly listen to greg brown (also rather autumnal, now that I think of it).

Beck said...

But I've been a mother for nearly a decade, which makes me MUCH OLDER, while you've been able to be Young And Hip. I'm sorry, but that's just how it works.
(Canada DOES have oodles of great folky singers, though. What's up with that?)

sarah said...

well, now, i can't disagree with that. being a part of the older generation does make you older, even if you are still young.

kati said...

Two things here.

1. A friend of mine recently announced (in a mass email) that she asked her husband for a divorce, and after thinking about 10 appropriate things and processing what it means to have married friends who are moving into the splitting up phase (this is the second pair) I was happy to come to this conclusion: I FINALLY have someone to whom I can send a copy of the "Get Lonely" Mountain Goats CD -- who can get appropriately melancholy about all the sad, missing you songs that involve autumn! (I can write blog sentences, too.) How many times have I listened to that album and felt like I would enjoy it more if it was cold and I was alone? But I am humid and happily married. Voila! HP, this one's for you!

2. Sarah, you gotta check out the new Fleet Foxes album. Perfect crisp Sunday afternoon music made by nerdy guys who seem to be OK with life.