September 16, 2008

Food Issues with the Kinder

Interesting advice.
-- Get them to cook with you
-- No pressure
-- No forbidden fruits


Amy E said...

As someone who was overweight from age 12-24 (even morbidly obese at some point, weighing twice what I weigh now), and raised in an overweight family, I completely agree with the strategies and results presented in this article.

Sheree said...

This is a great theory. I grew up with it, and employ it with my own toddler.
Results: I make eggs for Jack-because he enjoys making them. He doesn't always eat them. Lately, he subsists on a diet of juicy juice, PB&J, rice pudding, and bagel chips.
Myself: I have many very good eating habits and a penchant for sweets. I don't, and never could say no to sweets.

So, I'm adding an element of moderation for my own child. 1 cup of juice, then switch to water. That sort of thing. We're going for balance here.