October 23, 2008

Famous Plum

UPDATE: Here's the official press release. Note my weird blinky photograph eyes. Elliot is definitely the star around here.

UPDATED AGAIN!: Okay, here's our 2 minutes of fame, and never say I don't tell all. Things to note: Elliot being totally overwhelmed and exhausted; Brandon being confused because he was not, originally, supposed to be on air and thus hadn't showered; Alexi being super suave; and me being all shiny (I don't really own much make-up? so just put on extra tinted moisturizer, which I sometimes use instead of foundation? but which apparently, under bright lights, makes you look like a greased pig?); and especially me being all, um, what's your question? when clearly the question was supposed to be totally vague so I could give whatever canned sound bite I was evidently supposed to have ready.

I will tell you that immediately upon leaving the studio, Elliot really perked up and was all, "I was on tv!!!" And this morning he said, "I on tv? again?" So apparently he felt that it was, overall, a positive experience.


OK, so. . . . the State of Illinois runs a college-savings program, called a 529 plan. To promote the program and encourage people to save for college, they held a contest. Our friend works for the state treasurer, and she prompted us to submit something. So we submitted a classic Elliot video, which was shot about 6 months ago with a beat-up little pocket camera. (We had blogged it here:

The next thing we know, #1 sweet-potato-smearing son is going to be part of a statewide marketing campaign. He also won $1000 for his 529 account (to be contributed post-crash -- whew!). (Barring further crashes.) (Try not to think about it.)

I don't have the footage of us on the local news today (except on our Tivo). But we do have the TV commercial spot which they created around our home video. It's at



sarah b said...


Jenny said...

So cool!

sarah said...

we should note that although we did hear about the contest from a friend (who asked me to post the info to our parent group's message board) she was in no way part of the judging or anything.

Elliot's sweet potato won FAIR AND SQUARE, yep!

darla said...

That boy is hilarious. How cool for you all -- congratulations!

Kelli said...

How awesome! I know someone famous! Does this mean that Elliot has used up his 15 minutes of fame already? I think you get a new 15 minutes at, like, age 3 or something.

Be Like the Squirrel, Girl said...

This is so exciting!

Camera Crazy said...

This is just thrilling and you all look wonderful!!!

Barbara Mesle said...

Mimi was happy to see you took Daniel, Stripped Tiger, to the TV studio with you, Elliot!

love, mimi

Roxanne said...

That is soo fun!! I am so bummed b/c my internet will not allow me to watch the videos but I bet you 3 were awesome!!! How fun, Anni has a totally famous friend. When he learns how to write can she have his autograph?

Beck said...

He's FAMOUS! Rich and famous, even better!
(and you did not look like a greased pig. Not even a bit.)