October 03, 2008

Art Appreciation for Toddlers

Well, because we are our demographic (and because it's good) the Fleet Foxes album is getting a lot of play around here this fall. It's really excellent kitchen music, and I recommend it.

But this album has a special bonus for us, because Elliot is fascinated by the cover. I had never thought about it, but it makes sense that he'd love Pieter the Elder--big crazy scenes, so much going on, animals and interactions of all kinds.

Things he likes best about this picture:
The man who spilled his soup

His favorite thing is clearly:

Thing most confusing:
The saint. How to explain this one? Difficult.

Things he has not yet noticed and thus we have not yet had to explain:
What the man is doing on that ball?
The pig butchering (which I think we will fold into the catgory of "sheep getting a haircut" for a while yet)


Beck said...

Ah, the joys of explaining things to kids. Never forget that you can just say "I dunno!" even WHEN YOU ACTUALLY DO.

Sarah said...

wow, i never would have thought to show this to my child, but I can see the appeal. It's like a Richard Scarry book except for adults. And you know, really old and stuff.