February 04, 2008

the politics

To try to minimize the intrusions of political ruminations into Elliot's blog, this is just a link to a few pre-super-tuesday thoughts.



kati said...

Consensus is something I crave, but not on issues that are most important to me.

How does this consensus versus ideology argument apply to choice and RoevWade, for example?

Was it consensus building that led Obama to permit Exelon to rewrite his environmental legislation and lobbyists to rewrite his ethics legislation?

sarah said...

just for the sake of informed conversation (and realizing that not everyone has time or interest in seeking all this out)--

for a discussion of Obama's negotiations with exelon (a criticism of obama) see sunday's NYT.

not sure the best coverage of the ethics legislation...it was discussed in the debate pre-new hampshire, though.

For pro-hillary stances on choice, see NOW-pac's endorsement; for pro-obama, see endorsements by Kate Michelman (former pres Naral) and Lorna Brett Howard (former press Chicago NOW). The first and last in this list are probably the most important.

Roxanne said...

we voted today!! Yeah!