February 10, 2008

Kids are weird.

Which can be -- if you are a little weird yourself-- kind of vindicating!

One of Elliot's games for the past month or so has been to lie down on the floor. Sometimes on a pillow -- other times, just right on the floor. Sometimes he goes "Ohhhhhh", and if he does, we'll pipe up and say "Ohhhhh" right back to him. Somtimes I'll rub his back. Maybe we tickle him and he hoots.

If he's left alone, he sort of lies there for a moment, and then he gets back up. Maybe he tries a different position. Maybe he goes off to stick his finger up Ada's nose at that point. Who knows. It's the mysterious lying-down game. Blink and you might miss it. Alternately, it might go on for twenty minutes.

Behold Elliot's most recent innovation on the lying-down game: the dishtowel blanket gambit.

Elliot with dishtowel blanket

P.S. This Pre-smooch is exactly what it looks like just before Elliot gives you a smooch.


orange said...

he looks like nothing so much as a human who is trying to seduce another human.

sarah said...

i would like to point out that elliot *only* wants to be covered with a dishtowel, in this game. He knows where the dish towels are "kept," when they are not in "use," and he goes and gets one and covers up with it, and then gets up and gets another one. If you try and use a real blanket for this, he shakes it is off in disdain.

Beck said...

Babies ARE weird. Weird and cute.

Michelle said...

Gilly is into the "lying down in mid-play" as well. And she says "oww-ooooo" as she does it, with a perfectly formed O mouth. It is sweet, truly. And weird. But I love that.

Roxanne said...

SO is Anni- she lies (or lays? which is it?) and covers herself with a pillow, blanket, etc until we notice and laugh (at her apparent brillance and wit) and then she goes back to creating chaos :) kids are weird!!!