November 20, 2007

This morning's update

Elliot has recently learned some important skills, namely: unsnapping snaps, and unzipping zippers.

To wit: this morning, I got Elliot dressed in one of my favorite one-piece outfits: it snaps down the front and up both legs. He looked very cute. I went in the kitchen to eat my breakfast. A second later, Elliot came running in not wearing his outfit, but rather waving it triumphantly above his head. I'm not kidding. It was like a flag. I stood staring at him, slack-jawed, while he ran past me to the cupboard with the pots and pans, opened the cupboard, wadded his outfit/victory banner into our soup turreen, turned around, and ran out.

I'm not sure that "clothes removal and rejection" is a normal developmental milestone, but I guess that's where we're at.


orange said...

no, it'd definitely a normal developmental milestone. it just usually comes much, much, much later in the process., maybe.

strong work, mama!

w. wilson said...

Oh god. I'm terrified enough of impending toddlerhood. This story gave me shivers.

Nico said...

I snorted out loud when I read "waving it triumphantly above his head". TOOOOO funny! I guess you're going to have to get away from those fastenings :-)

Roxanne said...

that is awesome! Go Elliot! WOW- those are some mad skills- who needs clothes anyway!

TH said...

Just wait until he figures out how to get the diaper off...Then it gets messy too!

Sheree said...

Love that he wadded it up into the soup turreen. Is that a comment on the clothes, or on soup?
I recently had a taste of nudity with our 3 year old niece. She wears only underwear around the house. In the door and off with the clothes!