November 26, 2007

Have I told you?

I'm not sure I've mentioned that Elliot is now very fond of reading. He makes the sign for book and then goes and gets a book and then crawls into my lap to read the book, and then I die from the sublimity, every time.

Friends: we have given unto the world: a new reader. Once I teach him how to swim, I feel that my work as a parent will mostly be done (since, as I've said, I already taught him how to lick batter off a spoon).

So, that's the most important thing to say, except that he's recently been making a word that sounds a lot like "book," too, which is awesome. And then today, two more reading breakthroughs. One is that he knows the part of this one bathtime book he like which is about a shark, and at the appropriate part of the story he actually points to his teeth, in recognition of the discussion of the shark's teeth. And then also, today he was readingOlivia Count with Brandon, and the first thing that Olivia counts, right before "two bows" is "one ball." And when reading, Brandon said "One...????" and Elliot totally said "ball."

The signs of his personhood are coming fast and furious, these days. It is so much fun.


w. wilson said...


But I will add snuggling to your list of parental must-dos. Batter licking, swimming, reading, and snuggling: the foundations of a good human.

Roxanne said...

WOW! That is so awesome! He is a super smartie pants!

Beck said...

I do love that my kids are readers - it's one of the things that make me mentally high five myself all the time.
And I LOVED your comment at my place - the distinction between latent viewpoints and propaganda is a brilliant one.

Christine said...

oh this is such a a fun time! watching my kids learn to read is wonderful. and now my 6 year old so loves to read it just tickles me to death.

oh--and lovely comment over at becks--very thoughtful and well said.

Christine said...

ps--here's my link (I always forget to leave this!)

Running on empty

Christine said...

ps--here's my link (I always forget to leave this!)

Running on empty

TH said...

I love toddlers. They are a lot more fun than babies.

Alpha DogMa said...

Psst...loved your comment at Beck's blog. I loved the content and your tone was v. respectful and heartfelt without being inflammatory. I'm on the atheistic side of agnostic, but am spiritual and an finding it a hard thing to define as I parent my boys. So thanks.

Veronica Mitchell said...

Also here from your comment at Beck's place. It was so well-written I had to check out the blog, too.

I had similar feelings about my first daughter when she learned to love books. It was one of my first posts.