November 07, 2006

My Wish for Elliot's Two-Month Birthday...

...clearly, is for sweeping democratic gains in congress. In fact, I first crystallized my desire to have a baby immediately following the 2004 election when it became apparent to me that one of my social duties was to raise up new progressive voters. That's what the 2004 election taught me: that the intellectual left needs to procreate!

Of course, now that I have my proto-voter, I am for the most part too tired and distracted to think much about politics. And it's hard here in Illinois because the major races (governor, cook county board pres) are saddled with uninspiring candidates on both sides.

Still, this morning Brandon and I are exchanging intense glances, fitfully checking headlines, both of us hoping that today our country turns at least a small corner back towards the left. Elliot deserves at least a democratic house, eh? Surely that is a not too greedy a birthday wish.



ps: I have to confess what a party-line girl I am. Elliot has a lot of clothes with elephants on them, because I like elephants and because evidently elephants are the new fashion in boys clothing (that is, if you don't want footballs and trucks). But while I was up in the night nursing I was really really wishing that Elliot had some donkey infantwear for today. Surely they make such things? If anyone knows where to get some, let me know. And we are definitely in the market for "Barack in 08" onesies! Oh yes we are.

Update: that was easy!

Political Onesy


Amy E said...

I had some pins made at that say "NIXON Now More Than Ever" and "Hot Girls for Nixon."

I would give anything to have any elected official with as much gumption and conviction as Nixon had. It says a lot to wear this pin - that I would rather have a ?crook? who is dead in the White House, or for governor, more than the current jerks with their posed-for-television supposed-politically-correctness. I can't stand them.


If you'll wear the pin, I have about 20 to distribute, so let me know!

mimi said...

Only Elliot's "Mama says Vote for Obama" outfit will be BLUE!

love, mimi

Henrie family said...

Amen! We have been fighting the good fight here in Western Colorado. We saw a major polictical shift here. We now control the legislature and the governors mansion for the first time since JFK. We are also sending 1 new democrat back to Washington.

Now if only we had a parlimentary system so we could call for new elections and send Bush packing.

I ended up making Aidan some shirts that said "Growing up to be a Mesa County Democrat". He wore them to the Farmers Market and parades.

Brandon said...

I'm fascinated to know, Amy . . . . you mentioned "conviction". What was Nixon so strongly convinced (I won't say convicted) of? You must be referring to something beyond my ken.

Brandon said...

Congratulations, Colorado! You know, it's funny to go from such an utterly red state at Utah to such an utterly blue state as Illinois. (This is why Sarah had to basically move to St. Louis two years ago to work on the McCaskill race for governor (vindication delayed til 06)). It would be intriguing to live somewhere that was actually up for grabs.