November 30, 2006

In Which We All have Colds

So, we all have colds. Our house is a wash of wadded tissues and forgotten mugs of chamomile tea. Elliot is really doing the best of the three of us: he had a bit of a running nose last weekend, but that's over now. Periodically he coughs rather awfully, but it doesn't seem to both him much. Now that his nose isn't running I've stopped coming after him with mucus aspirator, and that's all he cares about. That mucus aspirator: he hates it.

But brandon and I, we are drooping. We're operating on low reserves anyway these days, and we're not doing very well at fighting off the viruses. And the sinus headache on top of the runny nose and the lack of sleep pretty much sucks. Oy. B and I agreed that it is sort of a shock to the system that we are both so sick and uncomfortable, and yet Elliot is still here. our lack of energy makes no difference to him! Nope! He's just as eager to hang out and eat and be taken care of as ever.

I mean, you know that going in, of course: you'll be a parent, and your infant will have needs that supercede your own need to crawl under a blanket feel sorry for yourself. But it's another one of those things that didn't evidently didn't really sink in, like the fact that babies really do eat 8-12 times a day, and really do poop all the time. I secretly believed I would never have to actually use a mucus aspirator, because how gross, right? But here we are.

knee deep in kleenex,

ps: the good news is that elliot has started to kick, awesomely! And he has some new toys designed for awesome kicking infants. He will sit and kick for minutes at a time! And while he does so, we blow our noses and pull the covers over our heads, which really does make you feel a lot better.


Amy said...

I have a cold too. That's what we get for flying. I even took Airborne! Anyway, let's all get better in time for xmess. I'm glad to hear E is not too sick but sorry to hear B+S are drained. Just be glad you don't have triplets.

Henrie family said...

Aidan flew three times before he was six months old, and we all managed to catch colds two out of the three times. The air and water in airplanes are nasty.

Over the holiday both of our kids caught the stomach flu, and if you think that the aspirator is bad just wait until you have vomit on your rugs and the nastier stuff running down your child's leg.

It sounds like you are all feeling better. I know that we are...

Brandon said...

You are right. We are glad we don't have triplets.