October 26, 2006

Other things we like

-- We haven't tried the Bobby (Boppy? Bøppii?), the crescent-shaped pillow TH mentioned as a comment on an earlier post, but we do have something really similar we're attached to, which is the long snaking body pillow Sarah bought to help her sleep posture while she was pregnant. It's called the Snoogle and I think it cost fifty bucks (which is sort of a lot, I think, unless you use it constantly for half a year, in which case it's an amazing bargain.) Now she just folds the Snoogle in half, puts it on her lap, and it works out very well. Also, he's getting a bit bigger, so he's getting a little easier for her to hold while nursing. For a while there she thought she might be getting carpal tunnel in her wrists.

-- Boudreaux's Butt Paste: it says what it does, it does what it says. It's like A&D Ointment but more folksy (Dr. Boudreaux invented it himself, or that's the lore) and we agree with its claims to smell "pleasant".

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Henrie family said...

It is spelled Boppy. I really should not be allowed to write in the middle of the night...

We use Palmer's cocoa butter based butt cream. Luckily both of the kids got Jason's skin, so we have not had many issues with diaper rash.

As for cloth diapers we like Bumkins brand. The plastic cover is built in. I think the cloth diapers are only cost effective in the bigger sizes. They just move through the smaller sizes too quickly.