October 10, 2006

No Blankies!

My off-handed remark about the restriction of blankies in contemporary baby-rearing has resulting in a bevy of comments and emails. But, friends, I do not lie: blankies are not currently kosher among the medical community . It is a great tragedy.

from the CDC website:

*Dress your infant in a sleeper or warm pajama instead of covering infant with a blanket.
* If you choose to cover your infant, ALWAYS make sure the blanket stays at or lower than the infant’s waist.
*NEVER place your infant on a sofa, couch, pillow, or waterbed.
*NEVER place your infant to sleep or to nap with any pillows, stuffed toys, bumper pads, comforters, quilts, or sheepskin.

It's a SIDS issue; there are also lots of warnings against having your baby sleep anywhere "soft." God forbid the baby have any comfortable sleep environment! Comfort=death trap, evidentally

But, never fear! Our baby gets lots of blankie time, just mostly during the day. And yes, ms AE: the elephant blankie especially is a great comfort. To me, as well as to Sir Elliot. New moms can have all the blankies they want. Lord knows I need them.


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Baby blanket lovin' mom said...

Can't say I'm surprised. Modern life has "medicalized" every major passage of a woman's life: birth is now a scheduled surgery, menstration is regulated with pills, and menopause is one more chance to go under the scapel. Sure, SIDS a big deal, but they won't be happy until we wrap our little ones in aluminum foil!