March 11, 2009

Words of Wisdom

So, Michael Pollan (you know, the Omnivore's Dilemma guy) is collecting "food rules"--trying to get an archive of sorts of different bits of food wisdom from different families and cultures. I was glancing at the list, and noticed this bit of advice:

"I am not responsible for what my child eats. I am responsible for what I give my child to eat."

As the parent of a picky child, this seemed both very reassuring (ie: it's okay if they don't eat the green vegetables) and very bracing (ie: it's not okay not to give up and stop offering green vegetables, just because they haven't actually eaten one in months.)

If you want to take a gander, you can find the article here.


Be Like the Squirrel, Girl said...

Thank you for posting this. I feel like we're already having issues with food and I have a 10 month old. Lately she rejects vegetables and only wants fruit and cheerios. And crackers. She loves carbs! Good to know I should keep trying. I also hope to improve my own eating habits so I can be a good example.

Jenny said...

I love this! And from our own experience with a picky eater (Millie) this is so true. We just keep putting the stuff she rejects on her plate and all of a sudden she has started to eat some of it. The best part is some of the stuff she used to reject are now her favorites.

Amy E said...

My mom still puts brussel sprouts on my plate when I go home to visit, and I still don't eat them. My brother has grown to like them. I might also add that my mom puts brussels on the plate of my polite sister-in-law, who also does not eat them.

But everything else I used to not eat, I've eventually come around to eat. The best thing this year: BEATS! Too bad they're just sugar! Of course I like them!

sexy said...