January 14, 2009


Cousins, typically (plus S.O.'s; sadly minus Anne and Peter)

All but Anne and Peter:

Grams (with Bob and Barbara)

My Grams, Kay Mesle, passed this morning very early.  My Mom reports that in the minutes between when they could tell she was going and when they could tell she was gone, my dad whistled (he's an excellent whistler) the tune to the following hymn.  Unless you are RLDS/Community of Christ, you probably don't know the tune...so you'll just have to trust me that it is very beautiful, and very very right for her.

There's an old, old path
Where the sun shines through
and the savior walks
all the way with you

There's an old, old path
made strangely sweet
by the touch divine
of his blessed feet.


sheree said...

So sorry for your loss. We're waiting for bad news to come our way as we speak.

Sounds like a nice him. Too bad the Plain Ol' LDS don't have it.

S said...

I knew your "grams" through working at the Groves. She was THE kindest most genuine person I have ever come to know. She was about service, giving and prayer. Someone easy to admire and strive to be like. She has been in my heart the last few months and I will greatly miss her. The whole family is in my prayers.

BTW I found the old old path in Lamoni this summer, totally by accident. My children and I walked it singing the song. A beautiful inspiring spot on earth. Now when I stop (which I already plan to do) I will think of Kay.

Be Like the Squirrel, Girl said...

So very sorry, Sarah. It sounds like it was a peaceful passing. It's so nice that you have pictures and video of her with Elliot.

Beck said...

I am very, very sorry. A peaceful passing is a great blessing, but you will surely miss her.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, Hold her in your haert at all times and she will never be gone. Wonderful to have had time with her recently and good memories to cherish. It is remarkable to have the video documentation to share with Elliot and others as time goes by. Peace to you and your family. Kate R.

Amy E said...

Sorry to hear of this Sarah. Best wishes for a peaceful week or remembrances. My love to you and your entire family.

S said...

I wrote a little diddy about your grandmother on my blog if you want to check it out!

Roxanne said...

sorry for your loss, we actually attended a mourning day today for a Bibi (Kiswahili for Grandmaother) and I thought of you and said a prayer. What a beautiful hymn. Love to you and yoru family!

Camera Crazy said...

That must have been quite a lovely sight with your dad whistling that hymn which I can only imagine has a haunting melody. The lyrics are so simple and beautiful.