November 19, 2008


we continue to be just...busy.  but that's boring to talk about.

i did want to pop up, though, and ask, "how do we do this crib-toddler bed transition thing?"  Elliot tonight almost successfully plunged out of his crib, which to me is the clear sign that we need to break the fourth wall, as it were, and admit that it is full-on toddler bed time.  I mean, that's what this toddler bed thing is for, right?  But on the other hand, Elliot seems in no way ready for a toddler bed, and I don't say that in a nostalgic, "oh, my baby!" kind of way.  I say that in a "but really, he doesn't know how not to kill himself kind of way."  

If we take off the side of the crib, what will he do in the morning when he wakes up?  this is a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION.  I am partly worried about my own sleep, of course, because there are days when elliot still wakes up inordinately early, and he sort of rely on that crib to contain him while he (hopefully) goes back to sleep. 

But even if he wakes up at the right time, what if he decides he wants to do something besides wake us up?  what if he decides that first thing in the morning would be a great "dive bomb off the couch" time?  this is entirely likely!  I don't want him up and loose when I'm sleeping anymore than I want him home alone.

But maybe this is fine?  maybe they just always always wake you up?  Reassure me, fine people.

in other news, I talked to a friend today who is just home from the hospital with her newborn baby.  she is in that Very Tired Place.  Send her thoughts of good sleep, and easy nursing, poor dear.



Anonymous said...

I think I told this to B, but maybe not to you, Pie.

What we had to do for you might still be possible with the Plum’s crib:

We took the springs out, kinda dismantled the bed. Put the MATTRESS on the FLOOR, INSIDE THE FRAME of your bed! Then lowered the side to the top of the mattress—so it added the height of the mattress to the height of the side, thus making it harder for you to pole vault out. plus when you did (as you inevitably did) you started from a lower spot.

Just an idea! love you, mama

Roxanne said...

how fun!!I feel you on the snow thing- you can always visit Z- 85-95 degrees everyday :)

Roxanne said...

opps- that was a comment for another blog, this is what comes of multi tasking with ridicously slow internet!!
Thought of you all a ton after the election! as far as bed advice...We just moved her to a big bed here (b/c there are no toddler bed choices) and put another small mattress on the floor in case she fell out (which she did once) but we had the same concern about getting up too early- we did have a bit of a problem but we told her that we would always come get her and if she came out early she would not get to do (INSERT THING SHE LIKES TO DO) and after reinforcing it for a few days it worked, she always stays in there and plays with her toys, kinda makes me feel like she is a crazy adult :) we sometimes laugh at her thru the door talking on her phone or playing babies until we open the door. Good luck with Mr. Elliot!

cbolender2004 said...

Having gone through such transitions, let me assure you that it will be fine! Just baby proof anything within his reach, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. What has worked well for us was to strategically leave out toys and healthy snacks (raisins, whole grain annies bunnies, etc.) and pre-load the dvd player with a movie my kids liked, played and then paused. Then, when the little one ineveitably gets out of bed a t 530 am you can just tell him to turn the tv on and hit the triangle button to watch a movie! Dora and planet earth are faves in our house. If the early morning tv baby sitter doesn;t jive with your parenting paradigm then you can always get down with some mommy and me pilates! good luck!

Michelle said...

No good ideas, but just writing to say-We are there with you! Gillian likes to be with us when she wakes up. We tried this toddler bed thing a while back, and it was great for two days, until she figured out that she had the power to visit us any time throughout the night. After the third night and a 1 am visit (think of a very loud "Hi Mama!! Hi Papa!! Go Play??") we decided she (and we) weren't ready for a big girl bed. This coincided with peeing in her underpants and reverting back to diapers all the time, so maybe we pushed it too soon. We will probably try again after the holidays and getting into a post-travel routine, but this time, we'll have a serious talk (she might get it more) and-we'll keep her door shut.

If we stumble on a magic fix, we'll definitely let you know!