July 27, 2008

Trip to the Wasatch Mountains

We've posted a bunch of pictures from our trip to Utah on our flickr page.

The mountains were green, the weather was clear and warm but not too warm, the lake was not really too cold (it is snowmelt remember), and it was so nice to get to spend time with both sets of Elliot's fine young grandparents -- we are fortunate to spring from such folks. He also checked in with Honorary Aunt Rusti and Course Marshal Uncle Ken, Sloan and Lucas (see them being as cute as humanly possible in this hammock), etc.

And of course, he loved meeting and discussing his "Aunty Pammmm-uh." Unfortunately, we didn't manage to take any pictures of them TOGETHER, but maybe someone else has that on their camera?


sheree said...

I found the Utah mountains surprisingly green this year--similar to 1997, so I guess that equivocates to a decade long drought.
The photo of the 3 of you is excellent.

Beck said...

Utah! I've never been. Adorable photos of your little fella.
It's been raining all summer, so it feels like we're just skipping a whole season.