December 15, 2006

Cut every corner

My mom says that when you have a new baby, you have to cut corners. She said, you have to sing the song "Climb Every Mountain!" from The Sound of Music, except that you change the words to "Cut Every Corner!" So, we try to do that.

Here are some corners we have cut. I guess this is sort of like "tips," but a little different.

1: Paper plates. Hells yeah.
2: Plastic cups, especially for smoothies, because nothing is more demoralizing than finding a cup coated in dried-up smoothy, and then having to wash it.
3: Only one-piece clothing for le bebe. He is le bebe; he doesn't need coordinated outfits.
4: Automatic Car Transmission. This pains us both a little in theory. But it's so nice.
5: We totally use disposable diapers, but I hardly perceive this as cutting a corner, because the idea of using cloth diapers seems more complicated than I can fathom.
6: Brandon is growing a beard.



Amy E said...

Don't believe the hype! Any man will look for an excuse to avoid shaving, which I find hideously easy for a man compared to a woman. I shave all 48" of my legs every single day and I don't complain about it. We're talking 7 minutes of shaving per day! Beat that ya troutsniffer! It takes a guy, what, oh 2 minutes max? Or, 1 minute with an electric razor? Nice try, B, just grow your beard if you like but don't blame it on le bebe!!!

Brandon said...

48"?? Does this mean that each of your legs is only two feet tall?